Posting and Toasting

Not wanting to be confused with the New York Knicks fan site and not wanting to get in trouble with Clyde Frazier for copyright infringement of his vocabulary and phrasing, but I wanted to start off by mentioning some of the  bloggers I first started reading and still read to this day. At that time I kept hearing about rss feeds and readers, but couldn’t put it all together.

Somehow I stumbled onto Chris Lehmann who was talking about a post on assessment from Dan Meyer. Shortly thereafter I came across The Jose Vilson.

At the time of How Math Must Assess Chris said, “Unfortunately, Dan hasn’t updated in a while… maybe if we all leave him comments, he’ll let us know more about how things are going.” Well Dan started updating quite often since then and gets many comments. You can check out the updated Comprehensive Math Assessment Resource and The Future of Math Textbooks.

One of my favorite posts from Chris is for new teachers, or actually any teacher, about finding a job and questions to ask in an interview. In it he suggests that teachers “demand to work in healthy places” as a way of improving the profession as a whole for everybody.

About Mr. Owens

I teach Middle School math.
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